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Advanced Distance Measurement with Leddar Solid-State LiDAR

The unique capabilities of Leddar provide reliable and accurate distance measurement of detected objects in the field of view. Leddartech’s multiple-segment solutions also provide an angular position of the objects and return multiple object detection and ranging measurements.


Furthermore, Leddar proprietary processing algorithms provide discrimination of two or more objects in each segment of the field of view.


Finally, an amplitude indicating the strength of the object detection signal (quantity of reflected light from the object) is reported.

Leddar for advanced distance measurement

Applications for Distance Measurement


Bulk Volume Measurement Sensor for Conveyor Belt
Counting Objects on Multiple Conveyors
Detection and Ranging for Level Sensing Applications
Integrating with Leddar Modules
Loading Dock Vehicle Position Sensor
Height and width measurement for spatial clearance
Silo stock estimate
Liquid levels metering in tanks


To the right: Leddar provides single or multi-segment distance measurements of objects, in narrow or wide field of views, depending on the optics’ configuration.