Leddar Evaluation Kit | Solid-State LiDAR Module

Try Leddar in your own application

The Leddar Evaluation Kit is the perfect tool to test-drive the Leddar detection and ranging technology in your own environment. This full-featured solid-state LiDAR module allows you to experiment freely with cutting-edge technology and benchmark Leddar capabilities against existing solutions.


The specially priced Leddar Evaluation Kit is designed to let you test the full-fledged power of Leddar in your intended environment upfront and demonstrate that it can add the expected value to your application before moving deeper into the development and integration process.


The Leddar Evaluation Kit represents just one of many sensor module configurations available. After your successful trial, contact us to evaluate the solution that best suits the specific requirements of your application.


The Leddar Evaluation Kit is a full-featured Leddar module that provides:


  • 0 to 50 m detection range (165 ft.)
  • 45-degree beam width and 16 independent element array detector
  • Simultaneous acquisition, multiple object detection, and lateral discrimination capabilities
Leddar Evaluation Kit Box

The Leddar Evaluation Kit includes:


Software Development Kit with .Net and C libraries

Code examples

Terminal block connector with RS-485 and CAN bus interfaces

USB cable

Product documentation

Access to the LeddarTech support portal


The Leddar Enabler SDK provides a user-friendly application programming interface (API) with .Net and C libraries and code examples. Sample code for RS-485/MODBUS for both Windows and Linux, as well as MATLAB integration examples, are also provided.