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ICs for solid-state LiDAR sensing

The powerful core to design your solid-state LiDAR sensor

LeddarCore ICs integrate the power of the Leddar technology in a single IC. At the heart of every Leddar-based sensor is the LeddarCore, which enables unbeatable sensing capabilities for countless applications. The LeddarCore ICs provide OEM and system integrators maximum flexibility to develop highly differentiated solid-state LiDAR solutions with unique optical configurations and system integration.


LeddarCore ICs are best suited for developers aiming to design customized Lidar sensors or customized integration of Lidar functionality into their products, generally targeting high-volume applications.


Ultimate flexibility of development and integration

To make the integration of the LeddarCore as easy as possible, development tools such as an evaluation board, reference design and sample code are offered. The documentation contains guidance to assist developers in sensor development, including optical, optoelectronic and electronic components selection and design. Software tools and documentation are also provided to facilitate configuration, tuning and calibration of the sensor. LeddarTech also offers development support services to accelerate projects and implement optimized solutions.

Benefits of LeddarCore ICs


  • Single- or multiple-photodetector element configurations
  • High range-to-power ratio
  • Fast and accurate measurements
  • Immunity to ambient light
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Robust detection capabilities in harsh environments and low visibility conditions
  • Ability to resolve multiple targets simultaneously
Leddar enables countless applications


Thanks to its ability to capture, amplify, and process the backscattered signals more efficiently, LeddarCore ICs set the standard for a new generation of solid-state LiDAR based applications.

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