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Robust sensor for challenging environments


Specifically designed for the industrial market, the IS16 is a robust solid-state LiDAR sensor that delivers consistent performance and reliability in the harshest conditions.

The IS16 Industrial Sensor has no moving parts and is encased in a weather-resistant enclosure. Its measurements remain unaffected by vibrations, dust, lighting conditions, or temperature variations. It is also perfectly suited to outdoor applications.

At the heart of the IS16 industrial sensor lies the patented Leddar technology, designed to detect, locate and measure all types of objects, solid or liquid. The IS16 provides both distance and angular positioning while performing continuous analysis of the area with 16 independent active segments.

Features and Benefits of the IS16 Industrial Sensor

  • 16 independent segments with simultaneous acquisition and lateral discrimination capabilities
  • 45-degree beam, for optimized field of view
  • 0 to 50 meter detection range (165 ft.)
  • Rapid data acquisition time up to 50 Hz
  • Available with or without LCD and binary outputs for configuring and monitoring ongoing operations
  • Proven reliability, even in harsh conditions
  • Immune to ambient light
  • IP67 weather-resistant enclosure
  • No moving parts, for ultimate robustness
  • Low power consumption
  • Best cost/performance ratio
IS16 Presence_Raw

Presence Detection Mode

The IS16 integrates a Presence Detection Mode where the PNP/NPN outputs can be set to indicate the presence of objects within the configured detection zones (two zones, one per output). With the Teach Configuration feature, the sensor uses the perimeter of its surroundings as a detection zone. In Quick Mode, a near limit and a far limit are set to quickly define zones. Alternatively, zones can also be configured manually in Advanced Mode where near and far limits can be set for each segment, and unwanted segments can be deactivated.

Raw Measurements Mode

The IS16 provides the capabilities to acquire all measurements, from all segments—in real time—through the RS-485 link.  Each measurement provides the distance of the detected object, the index of the segment it was detected in, and the intensity of the measurement.

Leddar IS16 LCD screen


Configuring and monitoring ongoing operations is easy

with the IS16’s LCD screen (optional)