Leddar Solid-State LiDAR: M16 Multi-element sensor module
Leddar M16

Smart and flexible sensing at its best

The Leddar M16 Sensor Module is an advanced solid-state LiDAR solution that combines 16 independent active elements into a single sensor, resulting in rapid, continuous and accurate detection and ranging―including lateral discrimination―in the entire wide beam, without any moving parts.

The versatile Leddar M16 module can be easily integrated to add cost-effective, smart sensing capabilities to almost any application, enabling developers and integrators to make the most of this cutting-edge technology. Various beam options, creating different fields of view ranging from 9 to 95 degrees, are available to provide the best possible match to your requirements.

The modules come with the Leddar Enabler SDK, which provides a user-friendly application programming interface (API) with .Net and C libraries, complete with code examples. Sample code for RS-485/MODBUS for both Windows and Linux, as well as MATLAB integration examples are also provided.

Features and Benefits of M16 Sensor Module


  • 16 independent segments with simultaneous acquisition and lateral discrimination capabilities
  • 9º to 95º beam options, for optimized field of view
  • 0 to 100 meter detection range (325 ft.)
  • Rapid data acquisition time, up to 50 Hz
  • Proven reliability, even in harsh conditions
  • Immune to ambient light
  • No moving parts, for ultimate robustness
  • Easy to integrate, includes Leddar Enabler SDK
  • Low power consumption
  • Best cost/performance ratio
Leddar for advanced distance measurement





To the right, a view of the 16 detection segments of the M16 module as seen in the Leddar Configurator software.