Leddar Presence Detection Sensor - Smart Outdoor Lighting

Advanced presence detection for smart outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting infrastructures such as the ones found in streets, bikeways, parks and parking lots are undergoing a major transformation. LEDs are expected to account for 84% of the streetlight market by 2025, and smart street lighting is projected to reach 37% of the streetlight market by the same date. Both initiatives are expected to generate huge savings in energy and maintenance costs, drawing strong interest from both the public and private sectors.


Highly efficient LED lighting alone generates around 40% savings. Adding presence detection to outdoor lighting, allowing it to operate in a low-intensity state until sensors detect approaching traffic, can yield an additional 20% to 30% savings over traditional light installations.


Key Leddar Benefits for Smart Outdoor Lighting


  • Wide area coverage
  • Versatile detection ─ pedestrians, motorcycles, vehicles
  • Low maintenance, very high durability
  • No sensor calibration needed
  • Unaffected by vibrations, dust, lighting conditions, or temperature variations
  • No images captured, eliminating privacy concerns
leddar for smart outdoor lighting

Integrating Leddar-based sensors to outdoor light fixtures enables efficient and reliable detection of cars, pedestrians, motorcycles or cyclists passing underneath. Single-channel Leddar sensor configurations deliver reliable detection over a pre-set area, while multi-channel Leddar configurations can simultaneously locate one or several objects and discriminate between multiple segments or zones within their field-of-view.

Leddar-based sensors have the capacity to cover a wide detection area and can be provided in various configurations to optimize the detection pattern for a specific smart lighting deployment.

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leddar for smart outdoor lighting

Leddar is available as ICs or custom sensor modules to lighting OEMs and system integrators looking to leverage the most cost-efficient, versatile sensing technology and deliver highly efficient solutions that meet the new requirements of the outdoor lighting market.