Leddar Sensor Technology: Detection for Smart Homes and Buildings

Advanced presence detection for smart appliances, security, occupancy sensing and robot appliances

Many households and office buildings are already equipped with smart sensors, collecting and exchanging all kinds of data destined to make our lives easier, more comfortable and more productive. Made available remotely through our personal computers and smartphones, the information captured by sensing devices enables systems such as smart heating and lighting, smart appliances, perimeter security or touchless controls, to only name a few.


Leddar technology’s advanced capabilities for presence detection, occupancy sensing, and gesture recognition provide the most attractive cost/performance ratio to integrators and OEMs. Developers can benefit from complete Leddar sensor modules customized to their requirements, or leverage the LeddarCore ICs to develop their own optical sensors for high-volume applications.


Leddar’s unique added value for Homes and Buildings


  • Detects all types of objects (people, animal, vehicles)
  • Wide area coverage
  • Consistent performance both indoors and outdoors
  • Low maintenance, high durability, and no calibration
  • Small, flexible form factor adapted to various designs
  • Low power consumption
  • Unbeatable cost/performance ratio

Leddar has gotten the attention of many integrators and OEMs in sectors such as consumer electronics, healthcare, smart appliances or security. In addition to hassle-free household management and energy conservation enabled by Leddar-powered sensing systems, advanced healthcare facilities can rely on the same technology to automatically monitor the number of available beds, or optimize sanitation with hands-free, gesture recognition controls for medical equipment.

Leddar for touchless appliances

Leddar for smart appliances and touchless controls

Domestic appliance functionalities are being transformed through the integration of sensors detecting presence, movement, and occupancy as well as enabling gesture recognition and touchless controls, from TVs to refrigerators, from toilets to faucets.

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Leddar for security and surveillance

Commercial and residential surveillance systems can deliver superior perimeter intrusion monitoring by leveraging the precise presence and movement detection capabilities of Leddar. Multi-element Leddars enable robust, reliable sensing over various fields of view in any environmental and lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

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Leddar for occupancy sensing, HVAC, smart lighting

Leddar for occupancy sensing (HVAC, smart lighting)

By enabling precise detection of people in a specific room or area, Leddar sensors help improve lighting and heating management, increase comfort, and reduce energy costs. HVAC systems can dynamically adjust the temperature from room to room, and lighting systems can adapt light levels based on the level of activity, both indoors and outdoors, which generates significant savings.

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Leddar for domestic and commercial robot appliances

Leddar sensors provide unmatched cost-performance ratio for collision avoidance and navigation applications. Autonomous robotic appliances from lawnmowers to commercial floor cleaners take advantage of Leddar’s wide field of view and multi-segment, multi-object detection to enable safe unmanned operation.

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