Leddar Sensor Technology: Collision Avoidance for Robotic Appliances

Enabling cost-effective collision avoidance and navigation for robotic appliances

More and more unmanned vehicles and robots become part of our daily environment to tackle repetitive and tedious tasks that previously required an operator. In homes, domestic robotic appliances can now clean our floors, wash our pools or windows, and even mow the lawn. In the commercial environment, the same types of machines (e.g. automated floor cleaning robots) are becoming more common.


Domestic and commercial robotic appliances require efficient detection and ranging sensors to feed its navigation system and allow the robot to constantly assess and interpret its surroundings, avoiding obstacles and people in its way.


Key Leddar Benefits for domestic and commercial robotic appliances

  • Detection and tracking of multiple objects over a large area
  • Rapid measurement rate over narrow to wide fields-of-view
  • Precise positioning, independent of object reflectivity or color
  • Immune to ambient light, temperature variations, or vibrations
  • Robust design, low maintenance, no calibration required
  • Eye-safe light sources
leddar for robotic smart appliances lawnmower

Leddar sensing technology provides roaming robots with a wide, well defined field-of-view that reliably detects multiple objects simultaneously and enables efficient collision avoidance applications. Leddar’s multi-segment configurations and highly accurate distance measurements also provide valuable information for terrain mapping and navigation.

Leddar delivers the best cost-performance ratio of any optical time-of-flight sensing technology. Leveraging diffused light sources and a no-moving-part design, the rugged Leddar sensors will stand the test of time, providing superior reliability for commercial and domestic robotic applications alike.