Leddar Sensor Technology: Advanced Security and Surveillance

Advanced presence detection for security and surveillance, in any environment

The advanced, reliable presence detection capability of the Leddar technology makes it a very efficient sensing solution for area and perimeter control applications as part of security and surveillance systems for homes and buildings.


The presence of potential intruders in a specific area is systematically detected by Leddar sensors. The wide field of view created by a Leddar sensor’s diffused infrared light beam can be configured to monitor a specific area as well as to discriminate between multiple specific zones within this field of view, for highly targeted surveillance. Various configurations of Leddar are available with narrow to wide field of views, to precisely fit the need of the application.


Key Leddar Benefits for Security and Surveillance

  • Detection and tracking of multiple people over a large area
  • Precise positioning, independent of object reflectivity or color
  • Immune to ambient light, steam, temperature variations or vibrations
  • No image captured, eliminating privacy concerns
  • Robust design, low maintenance, no calibration required
leddar for security and surveillance

Multiple sensors can be combined in a single system to cover large areas or to constitute a virtual barrier around a building or facility, providing exact intrusion location.

Leddar’s high sensitivity combined with patented signal processing algorithms allows the sensor to filter out unwanted triggers (such as falling leaves or wind-induced movements) to minimize the occurrence of false alarms. 

When placed outdoors, presence detection sensors must be able to face the elements 24/7, withstanding bitter cold to searing heat, working flawlessly in rain, snow, or fog, and remaining unaffected by changing lighting conditions. The unique Leddar technology does just that.

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> Security and Surveillance Optical Barrier for Secured Premises

Security system integrators can leverage from of-the-shelf Leddartech products such as the LeddarOne (single segment) and Leddar M16 (multi-segment) sensor modules, and for outdoor installations leverage the Leddar IS16 sensor and its robust  IP67 enclosure.

High-volume manufacturers may also opt to design and build their own sensor modules based on the LeddarCore ICs, fully leveraging the Leddar technology while optimizing the design for their intended application.