Leddar Sensor Technology: Advanced Detection for Smart Appliances

Advanced presence detection and gesture recognition for smart appliances

Occupancy sensing capabilities and touchless controls are being integrated into home electronics and entertainment systems, making them self-aware and interactive. In bathrooms and kitchens, touchless sanitary equipment such as faucets, toilets and showers provide enhanced functionalities that reduce water consumption while improving hygiene. Large appliances such as refrigerators and stoves also become smarter with the integration of versatile sensors. Electronic devices like TVs and entertainment system can now also react and interact according to the presence of people in a room, thanks to advanced presence detection.


The patented Leddar optical time-of-flight technology provides a unique detection and ranging solution for manufacturers and system developers who want to integrate highly efficient and affordable sensing capabilities to their next generation of smart appliances.


Key Leddar Benefits for Smart Appliances


  • Detection and tracking of multiple people over a large area
  • Capacity to implement touchless controls with gesture recognition
  • Precise positioning, independent of object reflectivity or color
  • Immune to ambient light, steam, temperature variations or vibrations
  • No image captured, eliminating privacy concerns
Leddar for touchless appliances

Leddar sensors generate a wealth of value-added information, such as the location of people, their distance from the device, and the direction where that person is headed.  Unlike most existing proximity sensors, which are often limited in range or tracking capabilities, Leddar technology enables multi-segment monitoring of a wide field of view in front of the appliance, to detect and track one or multiple people simultaneously. It can even be used to recognize specific hand gestures at close proximity for touchless operation applications.

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