Leddar Sensor Technology: Collision Avoidance for Forklifts, AGV

Collision warning and navigation capabilities for safer workplaces

Forklifts trucks are heavily used in various industries, from construction to manufacturing and from transportation to wholesale and retail. They are one of the most dangerous types of industrial transports, with one out of six workplace fatalities in the US forklift-related.


Leddar-based sensors such as the IS16 industrial sensor or the M16 sensor module provide optimal obstacle detection, either from integration in OEM products or as an aftermarket solution.  With a wide, multi-segment field-of-view (up to 95º), Leddar solutions can locate many targets simultaneously. Specific zones within the field of view can be programmed for different alert levels (e.g.: Caution, Warning, Critical). Combining sensors enables the coverage of different sensitive areas around the forklift, up to 360º spatial awareness.


Key Leddar Benefits for Forklifts


  • Detection of stationary or moving objects and people
  • Floor, ceiling and side obstacle monitoring
  • Requires no external targets such as reflectors, RFID, badges, etc.
  • Low power consumption minimizing battery drain
  • No moving parts for ultimate robustness
  • Unaffected by vibrations, dust, lighting conditions, or temperature variations
Leddar for forklifts and automated guided vehicles

Active detection and ranging sensors installed on the forklift can reliably warn of the presence of people, objects or obstacles in the vehicle’s way. They can be used as part of a dedicated collision avoidance system or in conjunction with other safety systems to help prevent the most frequent accident occurrences.