Leddar Sensor Technology: Industrial Safety and Perimeter Control

Lidar sensing for safe workplaces and hazardous area protection

Fixed-beam Lidar sensors enabled by the Leddar technology provide new possibilities for reliable and cost-effective hazardous area protection or perimeter control in industrial settings.


Single-element Leddar sensors provide presence detection over a single predefined area, while multi-element configurations, such as the IS16 industrial sensor, allow for the coverage of a wide area with multiple sensing segments and the possibility to define specific detection zones within the field of view, for tailored customization to the specific application.


Key Leddar benefits for machine safety and perimeter control

  • Detection and tracking of multiple people over a large area
  • Precise positioning, independent of object reflectivity or color
  • Immune to ambient light, steam, temperature variations or vibrations
  • No image captured, eliminating privacy concerns
  • Robust design, low maintenance, no calibration required
leddar for perimeter safety

A Leddar-based sensor provides precise distance measurements, and its advanced signal processing enables the lateral discrimination of multiple objects within its field if view and even within a single detection segment. The use of fixed wide-beam light sources make the devices more cost-effective and affordable than scanning Lidars and more flexible and easy to install than traditional AOPDs (Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices).

Because Leddar uses the optical time-of-flight principle to make its measurements,  there is no need to install a specific receiving device to capture the signal at the other end or the monitored area, contrarily to most single-beam photoelectric safety switches and light curtain devices. Light-based devices also constitute a highly flexible and reliable alternative to mechanical devices such as safety mats.