Strength in Numbers – Why the Leddar Ecosystem Proves that there is Power in Partnerships


Blog post, 04/12/2019- As the global market for ADAS solutions gathers momentum, LeddarTech®, one of the leaders in solid-state LiDAR technology anticipates that LiDAR is poised to become a central element of the autonomous vehicle’s sensor suite, alongside existing technologies, ensuring robust sensing redundancy and increasing overall system reliability.   The recent launch of the LeddarTM Pixell, a 3D solid-state LiDAR cocoon solution, specially designed for autonomous vehicles such as shuttles, robotaxis, commercial and delivery vehicles, is enabling best-in-class safety through enhanced detection and robustness.

Building on that premise and understanding that in order for LiDAR technology to become ubiquitous, a network of partners needed to be developed in order to support innovation and to provide a comprehensive environment where innovation and collaboration ensured that customers have the support and solutions required in order to bring their project concepts to fruition. From this need, the Leddar Ecosystem was born.

Developed over time as a partnership of leading-edge suppliers who have joined forces as the Leddar Ecosystem with the shared goal to take LiDAR technology to market faster and more efficiently.  Ecosystem partners all have a deep-rooted knowledge of the needs of the market and each supplier in the system provides best in class solutions that cover every aspect of LiDAR integration. This means that customers will find solutions within the ecosystem for every area of their product development, confident that the partners within the Leddar Ecosystem are the absolute Best in Class within their niche.

As more and more sensors are deployed in a variety of autonomous vehicles, many aspects of the driving experience need to be considered. Indeed ADAS vehicles bring with them a unique set of challenges that are distinctive to the technology. One company within the Leddar Ecosystem that has been proactive in its research and product development is dlhBOWLES.

A global supplier of intelligent washer systems, dlhBOWLES specializes in vertically integrated engineered plastic innovations and automotive fluid management assemblies. They build quality into every phase of development and operate multiple manufacturing and distribution locations. Furthering their experience from 50 years as a tier-one supplier, dlhBOWLES first debuted its sensor cleaning application on the 2012 Ford F-150 Raptor front camera cleaning system.  dlhBOWLES cumulates its patented fluidic nozzle technology, connectors, tubing, integrated check valves, and attachment options with strategically enhanced spray patterns for a complete system.

Foreign materials like dirt, road salt, slush, snow, and many other weather or environment-related materials can cause lens obstruction that will lead to degraded sensor performance or render the sensor nonfunctional. Any vehicle using a camera system needs a clear, unobstructed view in order to function correctly and ensure safety.  Any apprehension the typical driver may experience in their vehicle today will influence their faith in tomorrow’s AV. Ensuring that sensors are poised and prepared for every eventuality will help to eliminate any consumer frustration when using driver-assist features today. It will also be vital when those sensors become the vehicle’s primary means of navigating complex road situations safely.

Being a part of the Leddar EcoSystem means that customers have the elements that they need to ensure a faster, safer path to high-volume commercial deployments. By working hand in glove, to develop real-world solutions built on our combined technologies, LeddarTech, and dlhBowles and able to demonstrate how our solutions work together to solve the problems faced by lens obstruction.

LeddarTech, dlhBOWLES and the other select members of the Leddar Ecosystem share a common goal.  In the words of Heinz Oyrer, Strategic Partnerships Director at LeddarTech, “An ecosystem collaboration – partnering, not just a vendor, towards a tailored business relationship based on mutual trust, openness, and shared risk and reward that yields a competitive advantage – of leading top-tier automotive suppliers is instrumental in the success of emerging LiDAR solutions in the future automotive industry.” To that end, the Leddar Ecosystem partners will continue to support their customers.