The New Standard for Solid-State LiDAR and Perception Technologies

The conception of automotive-grade LiDAR technology and perception –including its industrialization and manufacturing ramp-up, as well as integration into production vehicles– is a highly complex undertaking requiring various expertise at all levels of the automotive value chain.

Most emerging LiDAR technology providers decide to do it all on their own: They design and manufacture a finished product that is delivered to their automotive customers. This method places a significant burden on resources and time-to-market while affecting overall project risks. This business model, while popular with startups, is poorly adapted to the reality of the automotive industry and subsequently, the requirements of production car design.

LeddarTech has adopted and proposes an entirely different approach, with a collaborative business model that establishes win-win partnerships by leveraging the core expertise at each level of the automotive value chain.

LeddarTech also offers technical consulting and R&D professional services in optics, electronics, and software to support its customer and partner’s product and system development leveraging Leddar sensing and perception technologies.  

Business Model Differentiators

  • Based on the LiDAR Platform, the most widely adopted in auto & mobility applications, with multiple Tier-1s actively engaged in development programs
  • Leverages comprehensive solid-state LiDAR expertise and IP, while providing access to critical components, tools, and support
  • Provides a flexible and scalable architecture addressing all auto and mobility applications at optimized performance-to-cost ratios
  • Unlocks Tier-1s and ecosystem partners’ unique added value to provide the fastest and safest path to LiDAR mass production
  • Enables customers to design a variety of differentiated LiDAR solutions that are optimized for specific active safety and AD applications

Leveraging the Industry’s Value Chain

The company’s unique business model, driven by the concept of providing access to a LiDAR platform, is based on the company’s core LiDAR Expertise and IP, as well as access to various Tier-1 suppliers and AD system integrators.

The Auto and Mobility LiDAR Platform allows these global, world-class industry suppliers to design and manufacture various LiDAR sensors for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications.

Through this business model, OEMs now have access to customized, automotive-grade LiDAR solutions in large volumes with time-to-market confidence and significantly reduced overall risks.

The platform also leverages the strength of the Leddar Ecosystem, which is comprised of world-class technology leaders that provide various prequalified components, software, systems, and other solutions for use in the design of automotive-grade LiDAR solutions– based on the LeddarEngine.

Accelerating Complementary Deployments

Active safety and autonomous driving principles are also being implemented in a variety of more specialized sectors beyond the mass market of automotive applications.

LeddarTech also provides access to its technology through the offering of off-the-shelf LiDAR Modules that are ready to use for R&D and prototyping purposes, early deployments, and to other developing market verticals with lower volume or distinct requirements. These market verticals include autonomous trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, shuttles, and robotaxis.