“LeddarTech: Making Mobility Safer and More Efficient”

It was a mission to improve safety and quality of life for travellers, commuters, workers, and mobility industry professionals that led to the inception of LeddarTech Inc. The company is doing this by enabling applications that reduce traffic congestion, minimize the risk of road accidents, and improve the overall efficiency of road transport.

Today, LeddarTech is a global leader in environmental sensing platforms for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It has evolved to become a comprehensive end-to-end environmental sensing company that enables its customers to solve critical sensing and perception challenges across the entire value chain of the automotive and mobility market segments. The company allows Tier-1/2 automotive system manufacturers and integrators to develop full-stack sensing solutions for autonomy level 1 to 5, enhancing ADAS and autonomous driving (AD) capabilities.

At CIO Look, we got into conversation with Charles Boulanger, the Chief Executive Officer of LeddarTech, to know more about the company and how its sensing solutions are enabling the future of autonomous driving.

Click this link to read the full interview. – https://ciolook.com/leddartech-making-mobility-safer-and-more-efficient/