What is Leddar?


Leddar is a patented solid-state LiDAR technology that can detect objects (solids, liquids, people) in its field if view. All other things being equal, it has the best cost-performance ratio compared to other detection and ranging technologies. It brings countless benefits to countless sensing applications.


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How is Leddar different from radar, ultrasound or others detection and ranging technologies?


Leddar has unique, patented digital signal processing that provides major benefits compared to other detection and ranging technologies:


High sensitivity – Leddar provides a superior range-to-power enabling farther range detection and less power consumption.

Immunity to noise – Leddar can detect targets in harsh or low visibility conditions such as rain, snow, fog, dust or during night-time.

Powerful signal processing – Leddar’s patented processing algorithms provides optimal detection capabilities that can resolve multiple targets simultaneously.


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Why should I use Leddar instead of other sensing technologies?


The unique design and benefits of Leddar make it the most cost-effective detection and ranging technology on the market. It also has almost unlimited flexibility of integration, being easily customizable for countless applications, in any market. Leddar’s flexible form factor make it available in ICs for large volume applications, as well as in off the shelf sensor modules. We also offer a specially priced Evaluation Kit.


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Leddar also excels at many types of measurements (e.g. distance, speed, position, etc.) contrarily to other technologies that usually specialize in a unique measurement.


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Is Leddar suited for my industry or my application?


Most probably, yes. Leddar has already been deployed in several markets and industrial sectors. Learn more about the various markets and applications of Leddar from the top menu, or browse them individually:


Smart Homes and Buildings

Smart Vehicles

Drones and UAS

Smart Industry

Smart Cities

Is it safe to look directly at a Leddar sensor?


Yes. Leddar is inherently eye-safe (IEC 62471-2006 exempt).

Is Leddar customizable?


Yes, it even is one of Leddar’s best assets. Leddar can be tailored to fit the needs of any application due to its flexible form-factor. Leddar is available in many formats and can be customized to your own application:

  • For sensor modules, optical components can be adapted to the application’s requirements (field of view, range, etc.)
  • For high-volume applications, OEMs can build optimized Leddar sensors from the LeddarCore ICs

Can I try Leddar in my application?


Yes. the Leddar modules are full-featured sensors that you can try in your own application. They can be purchased online.