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The road to implementing autonomous driving (AD) functions requires the development and integration of brand new technologies in vehicles, and sensors are a fundamental part of it. But what exactly is the role of Lidars in this roadmap?

Although some autonomous vehicles such as the Google Car are in operation today, the automotive industry agrees that the technology used on these vehicles is still far from being fit for consumer products (the Lidar scanner protruding from the top of the Google Car is worth around $70,000 alone!). While showing tremendous potential, these sensors clearly do not make the cut yet: too bulky, too expensive, not robust enough.

So then, is Lidar the right choice, or will it be out-staged by other, more optimized technology? Clearly, our recent discussions with automotive industry experts and tier-1 players, including during the Autonomous Cars Silicon Valley conference in February, re-confirm the strategic role of the Lidar in implementing ADAS and AD functions.


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