One technology, infinite possibilities with solid-state LiDAR

Leddar enables countless applications

With its unique benefits and added value, Leddar drastically expands the possibilities of solid-state LiDAR. Its almost unlimited flexibility of integration allows it to optimize the performance of optical sensors operating in any market, industry or environmental condition.

Whether you are a small-size startup or a worldwide OEM, the versatility and adaptability of Leddar can make your application more efficient, no matter your activity sector.

Thanks to its advantages, Leddar bridges the cost-performance gap in LiDAR sensing technology. As such, Leddar excels at providing accurate and rich data for a wider spectrum of applications than any other detection and ranging technology.

Leddar provides accurate measurements


Presence detection | Presence of one or more objects in a given zone


Tracking and speed | Track the displacement of an object in space and determine its speed


Collision avoidance and navigation | Provide a device with spatial data in order to determine a navigation behavior


Distance measurement | Locate objects in a zone to determine their distance from a sensor, and from each other


Object profiling and classification | Accurately sort objects out based on their dimensions


Gesture recognition | Recognize patterns traced by objects to trigger a reaction