How LeddarTech is Driving Forward the Autonomous Vehicle LiDAR Solutions of Tomorrow

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Autonomous Vehicle LiDAR Solutions of Tomorrow

Over the past decade, LiDAR technology has become a highly accessible solution to enable obstacle detection, avoidance, and safe navigation through various environments in an assortment of vehicles. Its substantial impact on the future of how we interact with our environment in cities and on roadways will be known for decades to come.

This article provides an overview of the innovative, flexible, and scalable LiDAR technology developed by LeddarTech, and its deployment in automotive and mobility applications, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous driving.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Why LiDAR is considered an indispensable solution that will enable technology for ADAS and AV applications;
  • The role of LiDAR within the configuration of an autonomous vehicle;
  • The fundamental differences between Mechanical Scanning LiDARs, and Solid-state LiDARs;
  • The anatomy of LeddarTech’s LiDAR technology for automotive and mobility applications; and,
  • Why LeddarTech’s LiDAR technology stands above the rest.
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