Leddar Sensor Technology: Lidar for Smart Industry

Solid-state Lidar sensing solutions for large and industrial vehicles

Operators of heavy vehicles and machinery have to accomplish complex tasks in challenging environments, often dealing with multiple sources of distractions that may temporarily affect their attention. Despite existing safety measures, accidents involving industrial and commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, forklifts or agricultural machines remain a serious issue in many industries.

Implementing Leddar-based sensors as part of a collision avoidance system provides a robust, reliable solution to detect the presence of still or moving obstacles in the vehicle’s way, as well as reliable distance measurements for turn assist, blind spot detection or traffic assist solutions. Leddar solid-state sensor modules provide robust detection capabilities in any type of environment or weather conditions, from close-proximity to long-range operations.

  • Detects all types of objects, people and vehicles
  • Single or multi segment field of view configurations
  • Low power consumption
  • Small, flexible form factor
  • Low maintenance, no calibration needed
  • Unaffected by extreme or changing light conditions
  • Resistant to vibrations, steam, dust and extreme temperatures
  • No moving parts for ultimate robustness
  • Competitive costs for high-volume applications
  • No image captured, eliminating privacy concerns
leddarvu for smart industry

industrial vehicles and heavy-duty machinery

Efficient detection and ranging sensors can greatly contribute to collision avoidance, blind spot monitoring, and perimeter securing when operating industrial or agricultural vehicles and heavy machinery. With Leddar, increased awareness of immediate surroundings can significantly reduce the occurrence of costly accidents.

Embedded into ICs, Leddar technology serves as the core for developing custom sensor modules. A wide variety of sensor configurations can be achieved from the same LeddarCore, with tailored optical combinations that provide short to long ranges, narrow to wide field-of views, and single or multiple detection segments to perfectly fit the specific requirements of your collision avoidance application.

Leddar for forklifts and automated guided vehicles

forklifts and automated guided vehicles

Accounting for one sixth of all workplace fatalities in the US, forklifts are among the most dangerous pieces of machinery in our factories, warehouses and storage spaces. Leddar-based sensors provide highly reliable collision avoidance and presence detection capabilities to forklifts and automated vehicles, enhancing them with spatial awareness to help prevent accidents.

Leddar-based sensors such as the IS16 industrial sensor or the M16 sensor module provide optimal obstacle detection, either from integration in OEM products or as an aftermarket solution.  With a wide, multi-segment field-of-view (up to 95º), Leddar solutions can locate many targets simultaneously. Specific zones within the field of view can be programmed for different alert levels (e.g.: Caution, Warning, Critical). Combining sensors enables the coverage of different sensitive areas around the forklift, up to 360º spatial awareness.


Large vehicles, trucks and buses

With their limited visibility and manoeuvrability, large road vehicles such as buses, tractor-trailers and dump trucks are highly at risk of causing road accidents or structural damage to their immediate surroundings. For that reason, large vehicles of all types can greatly benefit from active safety features such as collision avoidance, turn assist, overhead clearance warning or blind spot monitoring.

Integrating advanced solid-state LiDAR sensors improve spatial awareness and obstacle detection up to 360°, thus radically decreasing the risks of accidents for large vehicles.


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