What Is Leddar Technology?

Leddar™ is LeddarTech’s proprietary LiDAR technology. Leddar provides advanced LiDAR signal acquisition and processing to deliver significant and distinct cost and performance advantages to the automotive and mobility market. It is light signal digitization and signal processing technology that expands the sampling rate and time resolution, recovers distance, reflectivity and quality information of objects. Leddar provides reliable detection and ranging through mitigation of interference, environmental conditions and other limiting conditions intrinsic to LiDAR sensors.

Leddar technology is at the core of our LiDAR Platform and is covered by more than 100 patents (granted or pending). The technology stems from more than a decade of Research & Development work, led by leading engineers and scientists in the field. It has been validated and optimized through various commercial deployments and 24/7 operation in challenging outdoor environments.

Solving LiDAR Cost and Range Challenges With Leddar Technology

LeddarTech’s patented signal acquisition and processing, Leddar technology,  generate a cleaner signal that enables lower detection thresholds for significantly increased range and sensitivity over other solid-state LiDAR methods.

  • Rather than working directly on an analog signal, Leddar samples the received echo for a complete detection range of the sensor;
  • Through patented methods, Leddar iteratively expands the sampling rate and resolution of this sampled signal;
  • The result is a discrete time-signal that is analyzed, with distances being calculated for every object utilizing sophisticated software algorithms.
diagram of LiDAR components

Key Leddar Technology Benefits

Leddar generates a significant improvement in sensitivity over other LiDARs, thus working with lower cost components while meeting performance requirements. Here are some of the key benefits of using Leddar Technology in mobility applications:

Affordable solid-state LiDAR suited to large-scale deployment

Leveraging affordable components and designed with no moving parts, Leddar-based sensors are perfect for large-scale production and deployment.

Higher sensitivity and range, for unmatched performance

Leddar’s cleaner, digitized signal enables detection of weaker signals for significantly increased range using existing technology/components.

Less signal degradation, providing high robustness in inclement weather and changing light conditions

Leddar technology provides high adaptability of sensors in any environmental conditions.

Enabling enhanced object detection, classification and tracking with less data

Detection segments provide complete sensing of the environment and better long-range object detection, classification and tracking- with fewer data compared to point-based methods.

No interference from sensors’ overlapping fields of view or other light sources

Leddar technology’s high resilience to interference means safer, reliable sensor solutions to meet stringent mobility requirements.

Optimized, Customized and Scalable

Reducing the costs of LiDARs to meet commercial deployment requirements without compromising on the performance delivered is a challenge. In essence, the choice of technology and components used often have a direct impact on LiDAR sensor performance. Furthermore, increasing the light output power of a specific LiDAR design to increase the effective range generally comes with a higher price tag.

There is quite a bit that can be done to optimize LiDAR performance from a software perspective. More sensitivity and range can be achieved through highly efficient digital signal-processing algorithms, enabling leading LiDAR providers to reduce the overall cost of their solutions or enhance the performance of a given design.

Leddar Technology brings significant innovation and new possibilities for LiDAR through its software design. It also means Leddar is unattached to a specific mechanical design or optical technology, making Leddar a key enabler for any time-of-flight LiDAR. Therefore, Leddar is the technology of choice to enhance the performance-to-cost ratio of various LIDAR designs today serving the auto and mobility markets.


Leddar is a key enabler for any time-of-flight LiDARs,
with a scalable roadmap to support the future evolution and requirements of LiDAR Technologies.

Lidar optical technology building block roadmap

This table only presents a partial list of compatible components and technologies and is not exhaustive.  Should you wish to evaluate or validate the fit of other components/technologies with Leddar, please contact our experts:

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