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LeddarCore is the industry’s first 3D solid-state LiDAR system-on-chip (SoC) enabling the rapid industrialization and mass production of 3D solid-state LiDARs (SSLs) that meet the automotive industry’s stringent requirements in terms of cost, performance and reliability.

LeddarCore SoCs and our Leddar Development Platform are currently available to automotive OEMs, Tier-1 manufacturers and integrators for the development and manufacturing of autonomous driving (AD) LiDAR solutions. 


LeddarCore LCA2 and LCA3

The Leddar Engine, which leverages the key benefits of Leddar technology to perform the LiDAR’s central functions, consists of the LeddarCore SoC combined with the LeddarSP signal processing software.

LeddarCore provides powerful LiDAR drivers built into in a single SoC that performs emitter, receiver and data-gathering functions at the core of the LiDAR sensor.

• Flash and hybrid flash emission
• 32 channels per chip
• Enables low-cost 3D LiDAR solutions
• Enables versatile and customizable LiDAR designs
• Multiple ICs can be integrated into a single LiDAR to achieve higher segmentation

LeddarCore generates up to 245 000 digitized waveforms per second from nearly 1.3 billion samples and as many sample-based arithmetic operations. These waveforms are further processed through the proprietary LeddarSP signal processing algorithms, which perform over 25-billion operations per second to produce a rich LiDAR data set enabling the most advanced AD applications.

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This powerful LiDAR engine, covered by 58 patents, delivers unmatched system sensitivity and performance, enabling the design of automotive-grade SSLs that contain no moving parts, and which are based on affordable, readily available components for unbeatable cost/performance ratios.

CES Innovation Award Honoree

CES 2018 Innovation HonoreeThe LeddarCore LCA2 has been named a CES 2018 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree
in two categories:

– Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology
– Embedded Technologies.


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Accelerate your SSL design, development and integration

LeddarCore SoCs provide automotive OEMs, Tier-1 Manufacturers and system integrators with a complete, efficient Leddar Development Platform that accelerates the time-to-market of SSL solutions.

LeddarCore gives you the flexibility to design and deliver highly differentiated solid-state LiDAR solutions with customized optical configurations and specific system performances to support any level of autonomous driving.

To make development and integration as easy and efficient as possible, LeddarTech puts its expertise at your service through development tools such as reference designs, engineering samples and sample code. Software tools and documentation are also provided to facilitate configuration, tuning and calibration of the sensor. LeddarTech also offers development support services to accelerate your projects and implement optimized solutions.


If you have any questions about LeddarCore SoC solutions and how you can leverage their power in your own solid-state LiDAR design, contact our experts now.

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