LeddarTech in the Community


By Marie-Florence Chandonnet

Key Account Manager


2019 marked LeddarTech’s 3rd consecutive Centraide/United Way Campaign. I was honored to be part of the organizing committee as it was a milestone year for the organization.

LeddarTech has grown steadily over the past few years, but even more substantially over the past 18 months – including the opening of the Montreal Software Platform Development Office.  This meant that for the first time, we would be running two fundraising campaigns: one in Québec City at HQ and one in Montreal.  We wanted to make sure that employees would know that their contributions would be supporting organizations in their own communities.  Our strategy this year was two-fold: focus on raising awareness for Centraide’s mission and fostering a greater sense of corporate community in order to rally our employees and executives to exceed last year’s fundraising tally of $ 23,171 out of a set objective of $20,000. For 2019, we upped the ante and set a goal of $27,000.  At LeddarTech, we thrive on challenges!

Though many of us are somewhat familiar with Centraide’s name and logo, (Centraide is simply the French name given to United Way here in Québec), others needed to be (re)introduced to this long-standing and admired organization.  Centraide acts as an umbrella organization that supports many community programs, some of which you likely know of in your community but had no idea were directly supported by Centraide.  These include soup kitchens, after school programs, women’s health education to name just a few of its many initiatives.

So, what exactly does Centraide do?

Simply put, it raises social awareness via several different initiatives in order to support community organizations whose core missions fit into one of their 4 key pillars:

  • To ensure essential and basic needs: food, clothes, housing, etc.
  • To supports children’s success by facilitating learning, emotional/physical well being, community involvement, etc.
  • To break social isolation and stigma whether it be with senior citizens, individuals with physical or mental disabilities, newly arrived immigrants, low-income families, etc.
  • To build strong and engaging community ties with outreach programs that enable local community organizations to become more involved.


If it were not for Centraide’s relentless work, many of the local organizations operating today would not survive the required heavy economic burden required to maintain daily operations, leaving the most vulnerable in our communities without much-needed support.  More than money, Centraide allows children, women, and men to develop a sense of community by giving them the tools necessary to focus on education, income and health—the very building blocks required for a good quality of life and a strong sense of community.

Why did I want to get involved this year?  I realize how very lucky I am to have been born in a loving and supporting family. My basic needs were surpassed by loving parents and I have always been part of great community associations and organizations either through school, sports teams or at work. Growing up, you are always told to appreciate what you have and not to take things for granted and, at times, that can seem quite abstract.  But with age comes a greater realization and appreciation.  So now, I too want to give back by making this world a little better and reducing social injustice. I am convinced that, fundamentally, all humans want and can accomplish independence for themselves, if they are given the right tools to succeed. This is what drives me to be involved with Centraide.

Back to LeddarTech’s 2019 fundraising campaign.

To ensure we reached every employee in both offices, we held kick-off lunches, sent weekly communications and initiated friendly competitions between the Montreal and Québec City office.  We also organized fundraising activities such as:

  • Bingo
  • Bake-sales
  • Foosball tournaments
  • And, we encouraged employees to sign up for automatic payroll donations


The 2019 fundraising campaign was a massive success thanks to the generosity of the LeddarTech employees.  Our individual donations rose by 40% – not counting the countless spontaneous donations collected during the fundraising activities.

Earlier, I mentioned that LeddarTech thrives on challenges.  How does that translate?  Drumroll please… we raised $32,445 in just one month!

It just goes to show you that a united community can achieve some pretty spectacular things!