Lidar: beginning to see the light

Some technologies burst onto the scene in a blaze of glory – but others have to wait until they get their time in the sun. Lidar has been around for decades, yet only now is it coming to prominence in the ITS industry.

Established Lidar specialist LeddarTech is perhaps less surprised than most by the rise of the technology. The company’s CTO Pierre Olivier says: “We’ve been not only advocating, but shipping Lidar in traffic and transport applications for over 10 years now. LeddarTech identified very early on that Lidar could add unique benefits over the incumbent offerings (inductive loops, cameras, radar). I think the key difference now is the multiplication in Lidar offerings in response to AD requirements is increasing the awareness of Lidar from the ITS industry – but also increasing the awareness of the ITS applications for the Lidar industry; in other words, the technology is more widely available and the potential customers are more aware of its capabilities.”

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