Solid-state lidar modules ready for commercial deployments

Leddar modules are complete, fully functional and ready-to-go solid-state LiDAR sensors which can rapidly be integrated into your application, providing a fast path to commercialization.

Several standard, off-the-shelf Leddar module configurations are readily available and can be used to assess the performance during evaluation or R&D phases. Modules can also be provided in larger volumes as your production is ramping up.

For larger projects requiring particular specifications, LeddarTech offers engineering services to develop and manufacture custom Leddar sensor modules aligned with your requirements.

benefits of leddar sensor modules

  • Proven reliability, even in harsh conditions

  • Immune to ambient light

  • No moving parts, for ultimate robustness

  • Easy to integrate, includes Leddar Enabler SDK

  • Low power consumption

  • Best cost/performance ratio

Off-the-Shelf Leddar modules

Leddar sensor modules offer the best balance between versatility and performance. Designed to provide the unique advantages of Leddar while offering superior ease of integration, Leddar sensor modules put enhanced spatial awareness within your reach, fast.

LeddarTech provides two main types of modules: single-element and multi-elements, depending on your application. The modules come with the Leddar Enabler SDK, which provides a user-friendly application programming interface (API) with .Net and C libraries, complete with code examples. Sample code for RS-485/MODBUS for both Windows and Linux, as well as MATLAB integration examples are also provided.

As for all Leddar products, current configurations can be customized for specific needs. Check out our Custom Engineering Services or Contact Us for more details.


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