Key Features

  • Highly integrated SoCs and patented digital signal processing software deliver optimal cost-performance ratios
  • Enable various customized short- to long-range automotive LiDAR configurations
  • 100% field-of-view surface coverage with full scene illumination and return signal capture
  • Multiple SoCs can be integrated into a single LiDAR for higher field-of-view (FOV) segmentation
  • Fast, efficient and flexible integration for high-volume production
  • Availability of SSL reference designs, sample sensors and expert-level support

LeddarCore LCA2

  • 800-million samples per second
  • Up to 1400 waveforms per second
  • Supports flash illumination
  • Ideal for low- to medium-range applications

Engineering samples: available now
Production units: 2019

Bringing Leddar SSL technology from discrete designs to SoC-based solutions, the LeddarCore LCA2 SoC leverages our deep digital signal processing expertise and extensive IP portfolio supported by 54 patents. Enabling advanced flash LiDAR designs that meet the automotive industry’s exacting requirements for short- to medium-range applications, the LCA2 enables the development of low-cost, high-performance SSLs. With a small footprint and exceptional robustness, these designs can be produced in high volumes for rapid mass-market deployment. These features make the LCA2 ideal for SSLs used in active safety systems, or as part of a 360-degree cocoon for autonomous driving.

LeddarCore LCA3

  • 1.3-billion samples per second
  • Up to 245,000 waveforms per second
  • Supports flash and MEMS beam steering
  • Supports medium- to high-range applications

Engineering samples: 2019
Production units: 2020

The LeddarCore LCA3, LeddarTech’s third-generation LiDAR SoC, supports both 3D flash and hybrid MEMS flash LiDAR designs. The LCA3 SoC is ideal for higher levels of vehicle automation (up to SAE level 5). With the capacity to generate 245 000 waveforms per second from 1.3-billion samples, the LCA3 SoC enables the development of SSL solutions with ranges of up to 350 m, with 256 x 6 segments providing a resolution of 0.1 x 0.1 degrees.

Optimized for active safety and autonomous driving applications that require long range and higher FOV segmentation, the LCA3 can be used to generate high-density 4D (position plus amplitude) LiDAR data, and support mapping and localization implementations.

LeddarCore Applications


Solid-state LiDARs are a key enabler in the autonomous driving sensor suite, providing superior short- to long-range object recognition, tracking and classification capabilities at competitive cost levels.

LeddarCore SoCs are used by leading automotive Tier-1 manufacturers and integrators for the design and production of a variety of highly optimized automotive-grade SSL sensors for use in passenger cars, autonomous robo-taxis and large commercial vehicles.


  • Active safety
  • ADAS
  • Autonomous driving

Built-In PowerAt the Core

“LeddarTech technology has the right level of discrimination and range for LiDAR sensing solutions placed around the corners of the vehicle. The core technology can be developed rapidly and allows for easy vehicle integration.”

Glen De Vos, Senior VP and CTO at Aptiv (formerly Delphi)

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