Solid-State Lidar for precise sensing of liquid and solid material quantities

Being able to instantaneously measure liquid levels in tanks or provide volume estimations for bulk material in storage vessels can contribute to substantial gains in productivity for many organizations.

Leveraging various types of optical sources and detector combinations, the Leddar technology allows you to implement affordable single or multi-point LiDAR sensing capabilities to your infrastructure, efficiently monitoring inventories, even in difficult conditions.

  • Cost-effective fixed-beam optical detection

  • Narrow to wide field-of-view

  • Short- to long-range capabilities

  • Single or Multi-segment configurations

  • Reliable operation in all lighting and environmental conditions

  • Low maintenance, no moving parts, no calibration needed

leddar bulk volume measurements

Bulk volume measurement

Leddar technology can be used to map the surface of bulk volume stockpiles and provide a multipoint measurement, to generate a representation of its shape and to estimate its height and volume. Volume calculations and graphical representations are typically performed by a centralized software separate from the sensors. Leddar is particularly suited for:
– Constrained and narrow vessels, and vessels with obstructed field of view
– High temperature and corrosive environments
– Challenging environments such as oil and gas tanks
– Low dielectric material, such as most plastic, glass, paper, powders, beans, etc.


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