LeddarTech Lab – The Latest LiDAR Solutions at CES 2020

A PodCast featuring Daniel C Aitken, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, LeddarTech

The biggest tech show of the year, CES 2020, kicked off on January 7th, with the newest in everything from hobby toys to transformative AI. Daniel Aitken, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at LeddarTech, will be at the conference showcasing the latest technological advancements in LiDAR solutions for autonomous transportation. Aitken sat down with us on MarketScale’s Transportation Podcast to give a sneak preview of LeddarTech’s vision for CES 2020.


“This year, we’re partnering with several different organizations, and we’ll be directly on their booth,” Aitkin said. “This will now allow people to be much more accessible to LeddarTech’s technology and be able to see it in some real-life situations, for example, in an automobile.”

The strategy this year is for LeddarTech to be able to blanket all of CES instead of one area.

The exciting product people will get to see at this year’s show is LeddarTech’s Leddar Pixell Cocoon LiDAR. The product provides up to 360° coverage of an autonomous vehicle, which eliminates blind spots, virtually, the surroundings of the vehicle. LeddarTech has more than 50 customers already engaged with the product, and they received an honorary CES 2020 award for it.

LeddarTech partnered with the government of Canada for this year’s CES 2020, and people can catch demonstrations of Leddar Pixel technology in their area in the Tech East part of the convention center.

“We’re also working with Karma Automotive, and they’ve designed a concept vehicle with our technology in it, and that will be at our booth as well,” Aitken said.

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