Providing Tier-1 Suppliers with the LiDAR Platform for Passenger Car ADAS and AD

With the deployment of active safety systems ramping up in production vehicles, the higher levels of autonomous driving (SAE L4 and L5) are moving towards real-world deployments. Accordingly, automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need reliable access to large volumes of automotive-grade solid-state LiDARs (SSLs) that meet their specific cost-performance ratios and high quality standards.

LeddarTech addresses this mission-critical need through its auto and mobility LiDAR platform, which provides the automotive industry with the key technology enablers required to develop and produce differentiated SSL solutions tailored to the specific requirements of OEMs’ target applications. The LeddarEngine, which combines the LeddarCore systems-on-chip (SoC) with patented digital signal processing software, sets a new standard for highly integrated, customizable SSL solutions that are optimized for mass deployment.

100% Field of view coverage

The many advantages of segment detection method

Supported by LeddarTech’s platform, Flash illumination provides full scene illumination and return signal capture using the entire surface of every object in the field of view. This generates a surface coverage 10 times more efficient at two times the frame rate compared to typical point-scan LiDAR solutions.

This means better information more often, detecting all objects in the field of view and enabling long-range object classification with 5 times less data, for higher performance at a lower cost.


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The LeddarEngineEnabling Auto Solid-state LiDARs

LCA2 LeddarEngine

  • 1.6-billion samples per second
  • Up to 48,000 waveforms per second
  • Supports flash illumination, MEMS beam steering, and other LiDAR architectures
  • Designed to meet AEC-Q100 and ASIL-B / ISO 26262 standards
  • Ideal for low- to medium-range applications

Production samples: available now
Production units: 2019

LCA3 LeddarEngine

  • 5.1-billion samples per second
  • Up to 935,000 waveforms per second
  • Supports flash illumination, MEMS beam steering, and other LiDAR architectures
  • Designed to meet AEC-Q100 and ASIL-B / ISO 26262 standards
  • Perfect for medium- to high-range applications

Engineering samples: 2019
Production units: 2020

Automotive LiDAR Design Examples

3D Flash Designs

The compact, robust flash SSL modules based on the LeddarEngine platform leverage wide-beam illumination that covers the entire field of view with high-performance detector arrays to deliver comprehensive segment cloud data without the use of any moving parts.

3D Hybrid Flash Designs

Hybrid flash SSL designs combine wide-beam flash illumination with MEMS beam steering and high-performance photodetectors to deliver high resolution over long ranges.

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