leddartech lidar for drones and uav

Available UAV sensing solutions for position and range measurements as well as for collision avoidance are still far from perfect: GPSs and barometers aren’t full-proof—even outdoors—and can’t be relied upon when navigating indoors. Ultrasonic altimeters have very limited range. Optical flow sensors require good lighting and textured surfaces, and camera vision are still a work in progress and tend to be processing-intensive.

Leddar solid-state LiDAR technology, with its narrow or wide field-of-view, rich data acquisition, and multi-segment/multi-object detection capability, might be the best all-around sensing solution to provide efficient and reliable spatial awareness for a new generation of UAVs.

Featured Products: LeddarVu, LeddarOne

Leddar Benefits for Drones and UAVs

  • Highly accurate, stable measurements
  • Wide field-of-view and rich spatial awareness
  • Enabling up to 360° obstacle and surface detection
  • Rapid data acquisition time of up to 140 Hz
  • Reliable operation indoors and outdoors
  • Immune to light, noise, vibrations, and wind

Featured Applications

Single-Point LiDAR for Drone Altimetry

New optical altimeters integrating the highly optimized Leddar technology deliver accurate distance measurements above ground level while meeting size, weight, and cost requirements of UAV manufacturers.

Highly optimized optical range finders, such as the LeddarOne, are being implemented in new generations of commercial drones.

leddartech drone altimeter
leddartech drone collision avoidance

Multisegment Solutions for Drone Collision Avoidance

LeddarTech’s multisegment solutions such as LeddarVu leverage a no-moving-part, solid-state design that combines multiple independent active elements into a single device, generating critical ranging data for safe navigation and precise positioning. Its obstacle detection capabilities over a wide field of view makes it a top performer as part of a sense-and-avoid solution.

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