Key Features

  • Detection range of up to 75 m
  • Reliable detection in all weather conditions
  • Rapid installation onto existing infrastructure
  • Integrated MPEG-4 video feed
  • Remote access configuration and monitoring
  • Enables vehicle detection, counting and speed measurement

Fast Installation and Configuration

The Leddar d-tec was designed to ensure fast and user-friendly installation. This non-intrusive solution, which can be mounted directly onto existing traffic infrastructure without the need for installation of additional mounting poles, provides unmatched flexibility and ease of configuration. For example, installation of a complete intersection can be performed within two to four hours, and configuration can be implemented in as little as 15 minutes. In addition, the integrated onboard image processor can be used to perform remote alignment of the d-tec sensors. Yet another value-added feature offered by the onboard image processor is the capability to transmit video images back to the Traffic Operations Center (TOC).


The Leddar d-tec is a solid-state LiDAR traffic sensor used primarily as an above-ground stop-bar detection system that is part of a comprehensive automated traffic management system. The sensors are also deployed as roadside units to detect vehicles, measure speed and collect valuable traffic data.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Traffic detection
  • Vehicle profiling
  • Speed measurement

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