Leddar VU8 multi element sensor module

LeddarVu is an advanced solid-state LiDAR platform combining the benefits of a very compact, modular architecture with superior performance, robustness and cost-efficiency for high-resolution LiDAR applications.

Thanks to LeddarTech’s advanced, patented signal processing and algorithms, combined with a proven flash lighting method, LeddarVu sensors offer unmatched versatility.

The first off-the-shelf module developed on the LeddarVu platform, the Vu8 is an eight-segment solid-state sensor module that can detect several objects at a distance of up to 185 m.

All Vu8 modules include the Leddar Enabler SDK software development kit, which provides a user-friendly application programming interface (API) with .NET and C libraries, complete with code examples and sample code for Windows and Linux.

Download the LeddarVu Specsheet