LeddarTech | A LiDAR Leader is Driving the Future

Canada’s Global Skills Strategy allows companies to quickly hire highly skilled talent, who can be working in Canada within two weeks. It’s a program helping companies that invest in Canada compete on the world stage.

One such firm is Quebec City-based LeddarTech, a leader in LiDAR technology, with patented technology crucial to advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles including cars, shuttles and robotaxis. In association with Invest in Canada which promotes, facilitates and accelerates foreign direct investment to Canada.

They offer confidential services that are tailored to your needs, making it easier and more attractive for you to build your innovative and global business here. Working with partners in Canada and abroad, they make sure global companies like yours get coordinated support for your investment or expansion project.

For more information please visit; English: www.investcanada.ca/why-invest French: https://www.investircanada.ca/pourquoi-investir