At CES 23, LeddarTech Demonstrates Automotive Software That Enables ADAS & AD

Daniel Aitken, Vice President, Global Marketing, Communications and Investor Relations, LeddarTech discusses “What to Expect from LeddarTech at 2023 CES”

  1. LeddarTech history at CES
  2. Why CES is important to LeddarTech
  3. What visitors expect to see from LeddarTech at CES


Ronny Cohen, Vice President, Automotive Strategy & Business Development, LeddarTech discusses “Sensor Fusion and Perception for On-road Vehicles”

  1. Sensor fusion and perception technology for ADAS, and AD
  2. Challenges that OEMs and Tier 1 face
  3. LeddarTech provides high-performance, cost-effective, sensor-agnostic, and scalable low-level fusion and perception solutions


LeddarVision: Low-level Sensor Fusion and Perception Software for Automotive and Off-Road Industrial Vehicles

LeddarVision™ is an advanced environmental perception solution for the automotive and mobility segments, from passenger light vehicles to off-road heavy industrial vehicles. LeddarVision software provides a comprehensive environment model delivering superior perception performance from any sensor set to enable and accelerate the development of high-performance solutions that are scalable from ADAS to highly automated driving (HAD).

Based on LeddarTech’s comprehensive and demonstrated low-level sensor fusion expertise, LeddarVision software processes sensor data to achieve a reliable understanding of the vehicle’s environment required for navigation decision-making and safer driving.


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