Low-Level Sensor Fusion and Perception for On-road Vehicles

Ronny Cohen, Vice President, Automotive Strategy & Business Development, LeddarTech discusses “Sensor Fusion and Perception for On-road Vehicles”

  1. Sensor fusion and perception technology are key to both ADAS, and AD applications play in autonomous vehicles.
  2. Need fusion and perception solutions that can provide the required performance at the right cost. Learn how LeddarTech’s proprietary technology enables this.
  3. LeddarTech provides flexible, robust, cost-effective, and scalable auto-grade perception solutions underlined by LeddarTech’s strong domain expertise and rich experience in ADAS/AD.

We’re getting ready to meet the industry technology leaders!

LeddarTech’s automotive ADAS and AD software solutions offer comprehensive end-to-end raw data fusion and perception software enabling customers to solve critical challenges across the entire value chain. CES represents the perfect venue to meet with industry movers and shakers and to present our enabling solutions for OEMs and Tier 1-2 suppliers.



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