Key Platform Benefits


  • Single architecture enables solutions across the AD performance range, from L2 to L5
  • Ability to meet high-volume production requirements
  • Ecosystem partnerships support rapid deployment and ramp-up of core technologies


Optimal Cost/Performance

  • Disruptive model allows the selection of building blocks and components according to market needs
  • Platform developed to enable higher performance from lower-cost, standard components
  • Modular approach allows volume aggregation from multiple end customers to reduce production costs


  • Directly compatible with a wide variety of LiDAR technologies
  • Allows Tier-1s and OEMs to meet various use cases with a single platform
  • Architecture and software compatibility enable central architecture or local processing



  • SoC architecture and software library designed to meet ISO 20262 functional safety standard
  • Ecosystem partners developing core components to meet automotive-grade requirements
  • Roadmap supports multiple generations of automotive integration meeting AECQ-100


LeddarTech provides Tier-1 suppliers and AD system integrators with the versatile LeddarEngine, a highly optimized LiDAR core comprised of an exclusive line of LeddarCore SoCs and the LeddarSP digital signal processing software.

This powerful engine can be used to build a variety of highly optimized automotive-grade LiDAR sensors that provide short- to long-range detection capabilities in compact, cost-effective designs, which can be manufactured in high volumes to meet OEM requirements.

 Learn More About the LCA2 LeddarEngine

 Learn More About the LCA3 LeddarEngine

Comprised of world-class technology leaders, the Leddar Ecosystem provides automotive Tier-1 suppliers and AD system integrators with various prequalified components, software, systems and other solutions for use in the design of automotive-grade LiDAR solutions based on the LeddarEngine. Learn More

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LCA2 LeddarEngine

At the core of our mobility LiDAR platform, the LCA2 LeddarEngine sets a new standard for integrated and customizable solid-state LiDAR solutions that are optimized for high-volume manufacturing and production vehicles.

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LeddarEngine Fundamentals

APPLICATION NOTE – The LCA2 or LCA3 LeddarCore works in parallel with the LeddarSP™ software library, which runs on a separate microcontroller (MCU). Advanced data analysis leading to high-accuracy and high-range distance measurements is performed by the LeddarSP within the MCU. The LeddarSP application programming interface (API) allows data access to any custom application co-implemented in the MCU.

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Auto and Mobility LiDAR Platform: Overview Video

This short video capsule explains the concept of the LiDAR platform and its main components.

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