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Using Flash Solid-State LiDAR to Generate Better Vehicle Profiling Data in E-Tolling Applications

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In the highly competitive tolling industry, any technological enhancements that improves system reliability and performance as well as reduce capital and operating expenses will provide operators with viable means to safeguard their revenues and integrators with the solutions they need to win RFPs.

This white paper:

  • Reviews the fundamental challenges and limitations of current sensing technologies used in electronic toll collection (ETC)
  • Shows ways to improve vehicle detection, profiling and classification as well as means to address performance challenges by using the most reliable, high-performance and cost-efficient sensing technology possible
  • Describes the benefits of Flash Solid-state LiDAR (SSL) sensor technology for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), more specifically for vehicle detection, profiling and classification in Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems.

Learn how advanced, reliable vehicle profiling is made possible by using cost-effective flash solid-state LiDAR (SSL) technology, which enables comprehensive vehicle classification for e-tolling applications.

Download the white paper