With their limited visibility and manoeuvrability, delivery vehicles as well as large road vehicles such as buses and semi-trailers are highly at risk of causing road accidents or structural damage to their immediate surroundings. Operators of large vehicles often have to work in challenging weather and to deal with various sources of distractions that may temporarily affect their attention.

For that reason, commercial and delivery vehicles of all types can greatly benefit from active safety features such as collision avoidance, turn assist, or blind spot monitoring. As well, emerging automated driving solutions such as autonomous delivery vehicles and truck platooning are considered as a way of increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of transporting and delivering goods over short and long distances.

Integrating advanced solid-state LiDAR sensors into commercial vehicles improve spatial awareness and obstacle detection up to 360° around the vehicle, thus radically decreasing the risks of accidents, as well as enabling advanced automation features.

Leddar Technology Benefits for Commercial Vehicles

  • Detects all types of objects, people and vehicles
  • Small, flexible form factor
  • Robust performance in challenging environmental conditions
  • Resistant to vibration and extreme temperatures
  • No moving parts for ultimate robustness
  • Superior performance-to-cost ratio


Turn Assist

Blind Spot Monitoring

Collision Avoidance

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3D Flash LiDAR for Collision Avoidance in Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

APPLICATION NOTE- Solid-state LiDAR sensors improve spatial awareness and obstacle detection up to 360° around the vehicle and contribute to the efficient detection and location of pedestrians and cyclists when drivers, operators, or other detection systems fall short.

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Leddar M16 2D LiDAR

PRODUCT- A versatile 2D solid-state LiDAR that combines wide-beam flash illumination with 16 independent detection segments to deliver rapid, precise detection for multiple objects.

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Leddar Pixell 3D Cocoon LiDAR

The most robust LiDAR on the market, Leddar Pixell enables a complete detection “cocoon”, providing dependable object and vulnerable road user detection as well as exceptional robustness and durability. This 3D solid-state LiDAR represents the ideal solution for commercial vehicle applications.

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