• Automotive-grade LiDAR SoC designed for ISO 26262:2018 ASIL-B

  • Can be integrated into various existing scan and flash LiDAR designs

  • Small footprint: 12 mm x 12 mm 225-FCCSP package

  • Low cost, low power consumption

  • Optimizes the data transfer with on-chip accumulation

  • Supports up to 1 megapixel/s

LeddarCore LCA3: A Highly Integrated, High-Performance LiDAR SoC

This 64-channel LiDAR control and acquisition system-on-chip enables sensor manufacturers developing their own signal processing software to design LiDAR solutions that meet the specific requirements of various applications by providing the core LiDAR functions they need in a highly integrated SoC.

With the ability to support various types of medium- to long-range LiDAR designs and components, including many options for light sources and wavelengths, photodetectors, illumination and beam steering methods, the hardware-agnostic LCA3 SoC enables multiple types of solid-state LiDARs, including flash and hybrid-flash configurations.

The on-chip accumulation feature reduces data rate by 92%, as it adds 4 bits to the 14 useful bit data for 16 accumulations instead of transferring 224 useful bits (16 x 14) per point. LCA3 SoC’s built-in functionalities also enhance SNR by up to 2.8 times for increased range. 

Using the low- to high-level drivers, retrofitting and programming the LeddarCore into existing LiDAR systems generates significant savings on cost, real estate and power consumption.

This functional-safe component can manage the full LiDAR acquisition or be controlled via an upcoming hardware trigger. LeddarCore SoC and other LiDAR components can be managed via the customer’s FPGA, microcontroller and operating system.

LeddarCore LCA3 Block Diagram

Leddar Pixell Target Markets

LCA3 SoC Key Benefits

64-channel analog front end & signal acquisition

  • Adjustable TIA gain: 2 k to 16 k
  • Bandwidth: typ. 100 MHz
  • 16 x 14-bit ADCs @ 320 MS/s
  • Time-domain oversampling up to 8 x for 2560 MS/s equivalent sampling rate
  • Optimized for input capacitances up to 9 pF


Compatible with avalanche photodetectors and SiPMs

  • Up to 16 laser emitters supported


Supports several scan and flash operation modes

  • 2D flash and 3D flash
  • 3D scan

MEMS mirror synchronization

Timing, monitoring and diagnostics functions


Waveform preprocessing

  • Configurable accumulation of raw data to improve signal-to-noise ratio
  • Analog filtering
  • Configurable gain


CSI-2 interface @ 10 Gbps


Minimizes interference with other LiDAR systems by “randomization” of acquisition cycle with an integrated pseudo random number generator


Primary/secondary mode operation of two LCA3s for up to 128 input channels (available with RevB)


Compact footprint: 12 mm x 12 mm, 225-FCCSP package

Increased LiDAR Range


LeddarCore SoC’s signal processing reduces the system’s noise by 9 dB (minimum, input-referred).

This translates into an increase in range by up to 180% (2.8 x multiplier).

LCA3 filtered waveform view