Product Highlights

  • 1D or 2D beam steering with sub-milliradian precision
  • Extends range by reducing ambient light noise
  • Drastically reduces the optical design requirements, hence cost and size
  • Compatible with a broad range of wavelengths and architectures
  • Fast transition time down to 50 µs, can support high frame rates
  • Compact, reliable, 100% solid-state, automotive-grade compatible

About the Technology

LeddarSteer™ is a digital beam steering device (or DBSD) based on liquid crystal and polarization gratings which steers light to the desired angles rapidly, accurately, and reliably.

  • Low scattering losses
  • Operates in a broad range of temperatures
  • Down to 50 µs transition time, allowing fast frame rates
  • Clear apertures exceeding 5 cm (current manufacturing process supports >15 cm)
  • Non-mechanical steering over a wide FoV (up to 120° x 24°) with repeatable sub-milliradian (mrad) precision
  • Low power consumption

Configurable Beam Steering

LeddarSteer divides the FoV into discrete tiles that can be assembled to create the complete frame, with or without a region of interest. These FoV configurations can be changed on-the-fly, depending on the vehicle’s speed or environment, to enable multiple ADAS and AD use cases to be fulfilled from a single LiDAR design.

Key Benefits

LeddarSteer DBSD

Higher range

  • Reduction of ambient light noise by receiver steering to a sub-segment of the FoV
  • Emitter steering enables higher collimation and peak power while maintaining eye safety and acceptable power consumption and thermal dissipation

Higher resolution

  • Emitter beam steering and/or receiver detector / detector array steering to sub-segments of the FoV
  • Optimized optical system
  • Reduced size and complexity (smaller FoV of the receiver and/or emitter sub-system)
  • Reduces the number of laser and detector elements needed


  • Component can be designed into next gen of existing LiDAR designs
  • Compatible with a broad range of wavelengths (NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR)
  • Up to 120° addressable steering


  • Compatible with a wide variety of LiDAR architectures


  • Solid-state technology (no moving parts)

DBSD Unveiling at CES 2022

LeddarSteer DBSD will make its public debut at CES, January 5-8 in Las Vegas, and will be in demonstration at LeddarTech’s booth.

Hence, make sure to come by our booth #7061, Tech East LVCC, South Hall 3-4 upper level, and come see for yourself the new groundbreaking LeddarSteer digital beam steering technology to enable automotive-grade sensors!

Book your LeddarSteer demo at CES today!

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