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提供最灵活、最强大和最准确ADAS和AD传感技术的全球领先企业 LeddarTech 欣然宣布,其获《环球邮报》评选为2022年加拿大增长最快速企业之一,名列430家上榜公司第280名。



提供最灵活、最强大和最准确ADAS及AD传感技术的全球领先企业 LeddarTech®自豪地宣布,公司斩获两项对其LeddarVision™传感器融合与感知平台给予认可的奖项


Game-changing Raw Sensor Fusion and Perception

Discover LeddarVision

Solving Critical Sensing,
Fusion and Perception Challenges

LeddarTech is an automotive ADAS and AD software company that offers comprehensive end-to-end raw data fusion and perception solutions enabling OEMs and Tier-1-2 suppliers to solve critical sensing, fusion and perception challenges. LeddarTech’s automotive-grade software technology, LeddarVision™, is a scalable, cost-effective, sensor-agnostic solution that delivers highly accurate 3D environmental models.

Enabling  ADAS and
Autonomous driving for

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