LeddarVision’s customizable, high-performance environmental perception solution for L3-L5 systems delivers 360° perception in real-time and state-of-the-art unidentified obstacle detection based on raw data fusion from LiDARs, radars, cameras and other sensors.

Our open platform solution is built on a robust design with embedded redundancies, leverages embedded processor and supports multiple vehicle, environment and sensor types.

Key Features for L3-L5

  • Detection, classification, tracking
  • Real-time, 360-degree coverage
  • 3D bounding boxes
  • Position, orientation, velocity
  • Drivable area segmentation
  • Bird’s-eye-view occupancy grid

Key Benefits for L3-L5

  • Unclassified obstacle detection
  • Agnostic to sensor type and configuration
  • Hardware-agnostic
  • Robust performance at nighttime
  • Detection in harsh environmental conditions
  • High dynamic range resistance


Low-level Sensor Data Fusion

Functionality and safety require the use of multiple sensors of various types. LeddarVision is agnostic to the vehicle’s sensor type and configuration and enables raw data fusion from LiDARs, radars, cameras, GNSS and ultrasound.