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Providing solutions for intelligent transportation, outdoor lighting and security

New sensor technologies are meant to play a major role in making our cities more efficient, and ultimately improve global quality of life. Comprehensive connected sensor networks can monitor and optimize many aspects of a city in real time. Traffic flow, energy consumption, public lighting, parking management or public space security are just a few examples of where smart sensors can contribute to accelerate commutes, reduce pollution, generate substantial savings for public and private authorities, and make city life more enjoyable for everyone.


Leddar sensing technology is being deployed in different smart city solutions, meeting this growing industry’s expectations in terms of versatility, performance, ruggedness and cost-effectiveness.


Leddar’s unique added value for Smart Cities


  • Wide area coverage
  • Versatile detection ─ all types of objects, people, and vehicles
  • Low maintenance, very high durability
  • No sensor calibration needed
  • Unaffected by vibrations, dust, lighting conditions, or temperature variations
  • Perfectly suited to outdoor applications
  • Software Development Kit with rich data, that allows for easy integration
leddar for smart outdoor lighting

Leddar for smart outdoor lighting

Integrating Leddar-based sensors to outdoor light fixtures such as street and parking lights provide efficient, reliable detection of cars, pedestrians, motorcycles or cyclists enabling intelligent light dimming management for significant energy savings.

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Leddar for intelligent transport systems

Leddar for intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

Leddar’s versatile detection capabilities are being put to use in various ways as part of Intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, including ATMS, automated tolling, speed monitoring and enforcement, smart parking, vehicle profiling, and barrier gate controls.

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Leddar for security and surveillance

Leddar’s highly efficient area monitoring and occupancy sensing represent the perfect solution to detect the presence of intruders or monitor the presence of pedestrians and vehicles in streets, parking, public spaces or restricted areas.