Leddar VU8 multi element sensor module


Founded in 2007, LeddarTech specializes in the development and commercialization of high-performance, low-cost LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor solutions for mobility applications. The company’s proprietary Leddar signal processing technology, which is covered by 44 issued and 18 pending patents, delivers significant and distinct cost, performance and reliability advantages over other available solutions.

LeddarTech’s solid-state LiDAR technology is used in various leading-edge markets, including automotive active safety and autonomous driving (AD), intelligent transportation systems (ITS), inner-city fleet, industrial vehicles and drones. For high-volume applications (such as automotive), Leddar technology is integrated into systems on chip (SoCs) and supplied to large-size manufacturers and system integrators for customized LiDAR development and mass production. For lower-volume applications, LeddarTech delivers complete and integration-ready off-the-shelf LiDAR sensors. To date, the company has delivered tens of thousands of solid-state LiDAR modules to its worldwide customer base.

LeddarTech is based in Quebec City, Canada—a hotbed for optics and photonics technologies. At 110 employees and counting, the company continues to grow its global team and currently has several open positions. LeddarTech’s strategic investors include OSRAM, Aptiv (formerly Delphi), Magneti Marelli and IDT.


LeddarTech is committed to making global mobility safer and more efficient, ecological, and affordable. We do so through our unique remote sensing technology and expertise, which enable applications that prevent road accidents, reduce traffic congestion and increase transport efficiency, hence improving quality of life for all citizens.


We create wealth through innovation, unique intellectual property and expertise that meet market needs and customer expectations.


We engage in win-win partnerships to accelerate technology deployment and adoption.


We strive for success and are aiming for market dominance;
We are proud of our achievements and surpass ourselves to reach our goals.


We appreciate and recognize our team’s talent, expertise, professionalism and creativity, which are integral to our success.

We contribute to society by improving mobility and quality of life.

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