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A leader in optical detection and ranging technology, LeddarTech is at the forefront of the most exciting innovations in advanced sensing today.

Working hand in hand with some of the biggest names in several multi-million selling industries, LeddarTech is a technological disruptor that bridges the cost / performance gap for the design of highly optimized sensors. Having developed a unique approach in remote object detection, LeddarTech has become a worldwide reference in LiDAR sensing (acronym for Light Detection And Ranging). Its patented solid-state LiDAR designs are being used for the development of high-resolution solutions for automotive autonomy and security, but also for drones and unmanned vehicles collision avoidance, industrial vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, and many more.

LeddarTech was founded in 2007 as a successful spin-off of Canada’s leading optics and photonics research institute (INO).

Leddar VU8 multi element sensor module


For the automotive market, the Leddar technology is delivered into an ASIC chip, providing Tier-1 players maximum flexibility to develop highly differentiated solid-state LiDAR solutions by customizing the optical configurations and their integration into the application systems. LeddarCore ICs can be used to design various types of LiDAR sensing devices, including flash or MEMS micromirrors.

For R&D, early stage application development or lower volume applications such as specialized vehicles, industrial equipment, intelligent transportation or level sensing, LeddarTech delivers complete LiDAR sensor modules with various possible configurations to fit the required specifications.




Composed of innovators seeking to join forces with other forward-looking people and organizations, LeddarTech can be your technological partner, either to provide you with a readily available and optimized sensor module, or work with you towards the design of a customized solution for your own specific application.

From maker communities to specialized players and large consortiums, LeddarTech will always be available to work with you to provide the smartest and most cost-effective sensing solution.

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