Who is leading Project Arrow

Project Arrow is led by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) and is supported by its project partners, such as the federal government of Canada and provincial governments of Ontario and Quebec.


LeddarTech’s role in Project Arrow

APMA relies on LeddarTech’s decades of experience in the ADAS and AD domain, leveraging its strong intellectual property suite to develop autonomy on the vehicle and enable ADAS features in the vehicle through its technologies.

In addition to being a subject-matter expert, LeddarTech is providing LeddarVision low-level sensor fusion and perception system that develops a comprehensive 3D RGBD environmental model. Moreover, LeddarTech has provided expertise on sensor architecture and procured sensors for the vehicle for the APMA.

Partners and Events

Project Arrow and APMA Partners

Arrow – Event Participation


Montreal Auto Show, Montreal in Jan. 2023

Toronto Auto Show, Toronto in Feb. 2023



ADAS and AD Enabling Technologies


Superior raw data fusion and perception
for safe and reliable ADAS & AD

  • Open platform, scalable to support all SAE levels
  • Provides a comprehensive 3D RGBD environmental model
  • Solves L2/L2+ camera & radar object-level fusion deficiencies
  • Optimized performance for L3 – L5 with camera, radar, LiDAR
  • Reduced false detections
  • Superior inclement weather and occluded object detection performance

LeddarVision Product Page

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Fundamentals of Sensor Fusion and Perception

e-book- This complimentary e-book explains the main features and components of the LeddarVision sensor fusion and perception solution for automotive and mobility ADAS and autonomous driving.

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Benefits of Low-Level Sensor Fusion for ADAS

Tech Note – This document explains the principle, configurations and workings of sensor fusion and demonstrates a practical application of sensor fusion in ADAS through attitude estimation, and concludes by presenting the commercially available solution in the market today.

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APMA president Flavio Volpe shares details about Project Arrow

VIDEO (8m11s) – An exclusive interview with APMA’s president. Answering Prime Minister Trudeau’s call for a Zero-Emissions future by 2050, Project Arrow will bring together the best of the best of Canada’s electric-drive, alternative-fuel, connected and autonomous and light-weight technology companies. 

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