Who is leading Project Arrow?

Project Arrow is led by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA). It is supported by its project partners and funded by the federal government of Canada and the provincial governments of Ontario and Quebec.


LeddarTech’s role in Project Arrow

APMA relies on LeddarTech’s decades of experience in the ADAS and AD domain and their expertise in software and sensor architecture to support and develop the ADAS features of Project Arrow. LeddarTech also procured the various sensors for Project Arrow. In addition to being a subject-matter expert, LeddarTech supports the project with LeddarVision, a low-level sensor fusion and perception software that combines the data from the vehicle’s different sensors, such as cameras, radar, and lidar. Once fused, the software develops a 3D RGBD environmental model. Due to their low-level fusion technology, the LeddarTech solution enables the ADAS applications on Project Arrow to perform better with greater accuracy and reliability.

Partners and Events

Project Arrow and APMA Partners

ADAS and AD Enabling Technologies


LeddarVision Front – Entry-Level

For customers seeking to develop entry-level ADAS safety and highway assistance L2/L2+ applications

LVF-E is a comprehensive front-view fusion and perception stack for entry-level ADAS L2/L2+ highway assist and 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022. LeddarTech’s low-level fusion (LLF) technology pushes the performance envelope, doubling the effective range of the sensors and enabling for the first time a solution with only a single 1.2-megapixel 120-degree front camera and two short-range front corner radars in a 1V2R configuration. Low-cost sensing, together with efficient implementation on the TDA4L platform, achieves the lowest system cost for L2/L2+ entry-level ADAS.

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B-sample is planned for Q2 2023, targeting vehicle SOP in 2025/6.

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LeddarVision Front – High-End

For customers seeking to develop premium ADAS safety and highway assistance L2/L2+ applications

With sensor configuration extended to 1V5R based on a single 3-megapixel 120-degree camera, single front medium-range radar and four short-range corner radars, the LVF-H stack extends the perception support to highway assist applications, including 160 km/h adaptive cruise control, 200-meter range and semi-automated lane change. It also enhances the NCAP 2025 support for overtaking/reverse/dooring scenarios. Furthermore, with efficient implementation on the TDA4L platform and a single Hailo-8 AI processor, low-cost sensing achieves economical front-view L2/L2+ premium ADAS.

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B-sample is planned for Q3 2023, targeting vehicle SOP in 2026.

LVF-H Product Page

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Fundamentals of Sensor Fusion and Perception

e-book- This complimentary e-book explains the main features and components of the LeddarVision sensor fusion and perception solution for automotive and mobility ADAS and autonomous driving.

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Benefits of Low-Level Sensor Fusion for ADAS

Tech Note – This document explains the principle, configurations and workings of sensor fusion and demonstrates a practical application of sensor fusion in ADAS through attitude estimation, and concludes by presenting the commercially available solution in the market today.

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APMA president Flavio Volpe shares details about Project Arrow

VIDEO (8 m 11 s) – An exclusive interview with APMA’s president. Answering Prime Minister Trudeau’s call for a Zero-Emissions future by 2050, Project Arrow brings together the best of the best of Canada’s electric-drive, alternative-fuel, connected and autonomous and light-weight technology companies. 

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