LeddarTech Professional Services

Supporting Our Customers and Partners, Every Step of the Way

LeddarTech is there to support its customers and partners every step of the way in the development of application-specific sensing and perception solutions aimed at meeting end-market requirements and enabling ADAS and AD. Our Leddar™ Professional Services offers various design, engineering and support services tailored to the specific requirements of its customers, adding expertise and value where and when needed to accelerate projects, reduce the risk and shorten time-to-market.

LeddarVision Sensing and Perception

LeddarTech supports Tier-1 manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs in the development of sensor fusion and perception capabilities for various types of on-road and off-road vehicles, through the integration of LeddarVision™ into their solution and by enabling the required sensor suites, which include radar, camera and, in higher levels of automation, LiDAR technology.

Sensor fusion and Perception Engineering Services
co-development partnerships

Co-Development Partnerships

LeddarTech may enter into co-development partnerships to support customers or partners on a specific solution or product that is not part of LeddarTech’s portfolio and where LeddarTech possesses the right know-how to lend complementary technical expertise and contribute directly to the project’s success.