Leddar Sensor Technology: Lidar for Smart Industry

Lidar sensing for collision warning, machine safety and automation

Intense competition at a global level intensifies the need for efficiency and productivity improvements in all manufacturing sectors. New sensing technologies are an inherent part of this industrial renewal, as their unique capabilities make them valuable assets to help reach goals of process optimization, worker safety or production quality.


Leddar optical detection and ranging is already considered a great enabler for new industrial applications, thanks to superior robustness, unbeatable cost-effectiveness and almost unlimited flexibility of configuration and integration. Leddar delivers consistent and, reliable measurements in any industrial environments, from factories to assembly lines, from farms to storage facilities, and from power plants to construction sites.


Leddar’s unique added value for Smart Industry


  • Detects all types of objects (liquid or solid), as well as people and vehicles
  • Unaffected by vibrations, dust, lighting conditions, or temperature variations
  • Robust components, with no moving parts
  • Small, flexible form factor
  • Low power consumption
  • Competitive costs for high-volume applications
  • Low maintenance, high durability, no calibration needed
Leddar for forklifts and automated guided vehicles

Leddar for forklifts and automated guided vehicles

Accounting for one sixth of all workplace fatalities in the US, forklifts are among the most dangerous pieces of machinery in our factories, warehouses and storage spaces. Leddar-based sensors provide highly reliable collision avoidance and presence detection capabilities to forklifts and automated vehicles, enhancing them with spatial awareness to help prevent accidents.

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Leddar for heavy duty machinery

Leddar for industrial vehicles and heavy-duty machinery

Efficient detection and ranging sensors can greatly contribute to collision avoidance, blind spot monitoring, and perimeter securing when operating industrial vehicles and heavy machinery. With Leddar, increased awareness of immediate surroundings can significantly reduce the occurrence of costly accidents.

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leddar for perimeter safety

Leddar for industrial safety and perimeter control

Industrial settings represent multiple hazards for workers. Implementing safety solutions using optical sensing can contribute to prevent accidents prevention. Leddar sensors provide highly reliable presence detection enabling optical barrier and perimeter control applications around sensitive areas and potentially harmful machinery.

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Leddar for level sensing and bulk volume measurements

Various industrial applications benefit from Leddar’s precise distance measurements. From measuring liquid levels in tanks and during manufacturing processes to providing valuable data for monitoring bulk solid levels in storage vessels, Leddar provides the reliability and customizable field of view to meet your requirements.

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Leddar for precision agriculture

Leddar for agricultural automation

Leddar technology represents a novel sensing approach ideal for agricultural applications, thanks to its high reliability and durability in challenging environments, indoors or outdoors. Leddar can contribute to worker safety, avoid costly damage to expensive equipment, and improve overall productivity, hence playing a significant role in meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s farming.

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