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  • LeddarTech and IDT Partner to Develop New IC Solution for Automotive LiDARs

    LeddarTech today announces that it selects IDT to develop its new LeddarCore integrated circuit for mass-market solid-state LiDARs targeting ADAS and autonomous driving applications. This partnership brings together LeddarTech's highly specialized know-how in solid-state LiDARs with IDT's world-class expertise in development of highly integrated automotive-grade ICs.

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  • LeddarTech unveils solid-state scanning LiDAR for autonomous driving

    LeddarTech presented a new MEMS micromirror-based solid-state scanning LiDAR design at CES 2017. Learn more about how it works in a brand new video, along with exciting feedback from CES.

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  • LeddarTech showcases 2D and 3D solid-state LiDARs for mass-market autonomous driving deployments

    At CES 2017, LeddarTech will be showcasing innovative 2D and 3D high-resolution LiDAR solutions for autonomous driving applications based on its next-generation LeddarCore ICs and developed with the collaboration of leading-edge suppliers and partners from the newly-established Leddar Ecosystem.

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  • UAV manufacturer Robota selects the LeddarOne Altimeter for its new generation of drone

    The LeddarOne optical sensor has been selected by Robota as the altimeter for the Eclipse, its new generation of fixed-wing UAV for professional surveying applications.

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  • LeddarTech joins Groupement ADAS

    LeddarTech has been accepted to unanimous consent to integrate Groupement ADAS, a group of high-tech French SMEs in the field of technologies used in assistance driver systems.

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  • Introducing LeddarVu

    LeddarTech launches LeddarVu, the new platform for the next generation of small, affordable and long-range LiDAR sensors. All the advantages of the Leddar technology with better cost, format and performance available in the Vu8, first module developed on LeddarVu.

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