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  • LeddarTech at InterDrone 2016

    LeddarTech will be among the invited speakers at the InterDrone 2016 event, to discuss the challenges faced in
    collision avoidance sensing and compare the main detection and ranging technologies that are envisioned for UAS applications.

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  • LeddarTech wins Electron d'Or 2016 Award

    LeddarTech is proud to be this year’s winner for the best automotive technology at the 19th edition of the Electrons d’Or,
    recognizing outstanding technological achievements for best electronic products, innovations and companies.

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  • LeddarTech Unveils Solid-State LiDAR IC Roadmap Towards Autonomous Driving

    LeddarTech has unveiled key insights about its LeddarCore IC roadmap, which is set to enable low-cost, high-performance solid-state LiDARs
    for multiple automotive safety applications, from ADAS to autonomous driving.

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  • Leddar Technology Enables New Mass-Market LiDAR Offering for Automotive Applications

    Tier-1 automotive supplier VALEO announces a low-cost, solid-state LiDAR for ADAS applications,
    such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Traffic Jam Assist (TJA) or Automated Parking based on the innovative Leddar technology

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  • Webinar - Mass-market Lidar: From ADAS to Autonomous Driving

    A must-see for car makers, Tier-1 suppliers or system integrators
    for selecting the right sensor technologies for ADAS applications and for the evolution towards autonomous driving.

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Detect, Locate and Measure with Leddar

Leddar is an innovative lidar technology that provides fast, precise and cost-effective sensing capabilities for countless applications, in any environment


With proprietary algorithms and highly-efficient processing, LeddarTech is a technology provider specializing in the software that drives optical detection and ranging sensors. Leddar makes optimal use of every photon to generate the best range-to-power ratio: all else being equal, Leddar delivers the highest range in the industry.



No matter the challenge, the key benefits of Leddar can bring unique added value to your application.

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