Leddar Sensor Technology: About LeddarTech, Company Profile

Company Profile


Founded in 2007 as a successful spin-off of Canada’s leading optics and photonics research institute, LeddarTech® is the developer, owner and supplier of the Leddar® technology, a unique Lidar technology that performs time-of-flight measurement using pulses from infrared light processed through innovative algorithms, accurately detecting a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions.

This novel Lidar technology delivers the best range-to-power ratio: all else being equal, Leddar delivers the highest range in the industry. And, since light sources and optics represent a significant portion of the cost of any optical sensor, Leddar’s superior sensitivity means more affordable optical components can be used to build the sensor to achieve the required level of performance.

Leddar is highly adaptable, serves multiple markets and comes in different formats, providing brand owners and OEMs with a solution that meets their needs while ensuring quick and simple integration.

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LeddarTech HQ

Product offering

The Leddar technology is delivered into an ASIC chip (i.e. LeddarCore ICs), providing Tier-1 players maximum flexibility to develop highly differentiated Lidar solutions by customizing the optical configurations and their integration into the application systems. LeddarCore ICs can be used to design various types of Lidar sensing devices, be it fixed-beam, solid state, MEMs-based (micro-mirrors), and more.

For R&D, early stage application development or lower volume applications (i.e. specialized vehicles, industrial equipment, UGVs, etc.), LeddarTech also delivers complete Lidar sensor modules with various possible configurations to fit the required specifications.

A Technological Partner

Composed of innovators seeking to join forces with other forward-looking people and organizations, LeddarTech can be your technological partner, either to provide you with a readily available and optimized sensor module, or work with you towards the design of a customized solution for your own specific application.

From maker communities to specialized players and large consortiums, LeddarTech will always be available to work with you to provide the smartest and most cost-effective sensing solution.

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