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Enabling Affordable LIDAR Solutions from ADAS to Autonomous Driving

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Over the next decade, as the capabilities of mass-produced cars evolve from active safety to autonomous driving (AD), LiDARs are expected to become the most important segment of automotive detection and ranging sensor technology, either complementing or replacing radars and cameras in production vehicles to ensure robust sensing redundancy and enhanced overall system reliability.

LeddarTech is your reference in solid-state LiDAR based on system-on-chip (SoC) technology, delivering end-to-end solutions enabling the mass deployment of automotive-grade LiDARs that meet OEM requirements in terms of costs, performance and reliability.

Automotive-Grade Solid-State LiDARS

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SSL solutions based on the company’s flagship LeddarCore solid-state LiDAR SoCs support multiple flash and hybrid flash LiDAR configurations providing long-range vehicle and pedestrian detection capabilities in compact, automotive-grade designs that can be rapidly manufactured in high volumes.

All of our automotive LiDAR designs are built around our award-winning LiDAR SoC solutions, such as the LeddarCore LCA2, which was recently named a CES 2018 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree in two categories: Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology and Embedded Technologies.

Solving Cost and Signal Strength Challenges with Leddar Technology

Leddar technology is the key enabler for the development of low-cost, automotive-grade LiDARs that meet the stringent requirements of mass-market automotive deployments supporting various levels of driving automation.



ViDEO: Representation of a Leddar sensor signal accumulation and digitalization


Leddar’s proprietary signal acquisition and processing techniques, covered by some 58 patents, generate a cleaner signal resulting in lower detection thresholds. This translates into significantly increased range and sensitivity over other SSL methods. Accordingly, Leddar technology delivers enhanced LiDAR system performance along with the superior reliability and robustness of solid-state sensing.

Your Complete, End-to-End Automotive SSL Solution Provider

 More than just a leading-edge LiDAR technology expert, LeddarTech is your partner for end-to-end LiDAR systems and solutions. Our unique business model is based on a scalable LiDAR platform enabling the customized design and development of LiDAR solutions for any AD requirements. With unparalleled SSL design know-how and a comprehensive ecosystem of hardware and software suppliers and partners, LeddarTech works in close collaboration with its clients and provides the key tools and expertise required for rapid, successful integration and deployment of customized LiDAR systems.

This flexible, agile business model fosters optimal collaboration between the technology provider, Tier-1 automotive suppliers and OEMs for successful deployment of differentiated, disruptive ADAS/AD solutions.


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LeddarCore SoC: the highly optimized LiDAR core provides optimal integration, manufacturability, cost and form-factor benefits.

LeddarSP Signal Processing algorithms: a proprietary technological differentiator.

LiDAR reference designs: comprehensive and complete sensor design specifications to facilitate the route to market of differentiated mass-production SSLs.

A-sample modules: allow for early SSL design evaluation, testing and application development.


The Leddar Ecosystem is comprised of various world-renowned technology providers that supply components and solutions for use in the development of solid-state LiDARs based on LeddarCore SoCs. Emitters, receivers, micromirrors, microprocessors and software are just some of the key components provided by Ecosystem suppliers. Through this Ecosystem, LiDAR designs can easily be customized to meet specific performance and price requirements.

As a result, automotive suppliers can accelerate their development and integration process, reduce overall risks and increase their agility from the design phase to manufacturing ramp-up toward mass-market deployments―all with full support and collaboration from Ecosystem partners.



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